Who should use Kinesiology Tape ?

January 18, 2016

One of the questions we get asked all the time is “Who is this stuff for”?  we love the question because it gives us a chance to really explain what you can do with this product. So here is the best answer:  Everyone…almost.

While Go Tape has been engineered and manufactured to very specific specifications to optimize its effects, the core concepts behind the tape remain the same for all individuals. If you would like to increase pain free movement and promote circulation, this is for you. Do you have shoulder pain?  We’ve got you covered. How about a swollen ankle after a sprain?  Have no fear, we can help. What about that nagging tennis elbow that makes nearly everything a chore, or that plantar fasciitis that flares up at all the wrong times, or the bunion that is slowly but surely getting more and more painful?  You’ve come to the right place. Is this horse dead yet?

Go Tape has certainly manufactured the world’s finest kinesiology tape, but there are some rare instances that you don’t want to use a kinesiology tape and should opt for different options. Those instances include:

    • Overly dry or oily skin. There are some things you can do to prep the skin and possibly be able to make it work, but more often than not you won’t get a great stick if the skin is on the extremes of oily or dry. As all adhesives go, the surface must be relatively free of substances that will cause the tape not to adhere directly to the skin. It is highly recommended to clip the hair down to help ensure durable adhesion.
    • Those who have a history of kidney, heart, or lung disease. Go Tape helps improve circulation, and that improved circulation can be very dangerous for these folks.
    • Anyone who has a history of cancer should consult with their oncologist before using kinesiology tape.
    • Never use kinesiology tape over compromised skin or in areas of high sensitivity. If the skin is not in good enough condition to be aggressively massaged, then the skin is not ready to be taped. Always be on the safe side and don’t cause yourself any undue harm by taping over questionable areas.

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  • Always consult a physician before using kinesiology tape if you feel you may have any of the above or any other risk factors.

Kinesiology taping is one of the fastest growing ways to manage joint and muscle pain, improve performance, and get back in the game – no matter what your game may be. The team at Go Tape is incredibly experienced and ready to answer your questions about getting well and staying well.

Are you ready to GO?


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